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Benefit from a single platform combining corporate finance information, CRM & Dealflow Management capabilities to get the most of your experience.

From Sourcing to Closing

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Deals intelligence

Arx Platform has been created to assist you on a daily basis, whether you are screening your peers’ portfolios, preparing a primary deal, or looking for insights about a transaction.

We have developed dedicated features for Family Offices Investors to save time at every step of your process.

Key benefits and advantages:

  • Anticipate portfolio exits and optimize your origination process
  • Access up-to-date M&A Partners, C-levels and in-house M&A contacts by industry, geography and revenue range
  • Receive qualified add-ons from our Tier-1 M&A clients by updating your profile and portfolio
  • Get market trends and Statistics on transactions by country, size and industry
  • Create alerts & notifications by companies and industries

CRM & Dealflow management

Arx Platform integrates customised features for Family Offices Investors through our Contacts & Dealflow management tool.

More than a CRM, we have developed a global ecosystem allowing you to focus on your origination & acquisition process, instead of data collection or note-taking.

Discover how we support our clients to leverage their information & relationships to gain a clear overview of their interactions with targets, clients, banks, debt providers and advisors.

A dedicated and encrypted environment with separate servers, only visible to your team.

Our environment is hosted within the European Cloud, guaranteeing the protection of your data in regards to the US Cloud Act.

Benefit from Arx Platform’s information on investment firms, portfolio companies, advisors and corporates.

Access thousands of professionals’ emails & contacts details, including portfolio managers, M&A Partners and C-levels, within a single-click.

From an investment target, a manager, a debt provider, a bank, a limited partner or a business provider, Arx Platform allows you to organise and manage all your contacts and companies in a clear and visual way.

Whether these contacts are coming from Outlook, Excel or a CRM system, we have developed customisable fields allowing you to recover, organise and filter all your notes and relevant data at any time.

You will also find monitoring tools and tailor-made statistics synthesising your different exchanges per contacts, projects or companies.

You will benefit from a completely customisable and professional tool dedicated to your process.

Manage your dealflow from opportunity to acquisitions, ranked by stages, priority, probability of closing etc. 

Define your investment process from teasers received, investment memo phase, LOI sent or due diligence period.

We have also developed dedicated Investor features, such as an origination channel and a digital spreadsheet “watchlist” to closely monitor groups of companies, equipped with a clear overview and statistics.

All transaction history and current interactions are automatically associated and incremented within your CRM environment. You can stay organised and benefit from your work relationships and transactions intelligence within your ecosystem.

We have developed ergonomic Dashboards, customisable statistics & reports dedicated to Investors. You will benefit from:

  • A complete overview of your firm’s activity: tracking of received opportunities, how many sent LOI, number of build-up reviewed, etc.
  • A clear vision of your business interactions: how many meetings you have had with a particular advisor, how many times they have worked with your leads and portfolio, etc.
  • A personal understanding of your own dealflow. 

You will always access this information in a synthesised, simple manner.

Details of the opportunities and activities of a deal in ARX CRM

Marketing and communication

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A showcase for your firm

By becoming a client, you will get the option to join the Arx Platform and to manage your profile online. 

Every client from Private Equity firm, VC firm, to Family office is able to create its firm, manage its team, update its portfolio and control its communication.

Profiles are visible by thousands of Corporate Finance Advisors, Investment bankers and Consulting firms looking for a specific Buyer with a specific sector understanding or a geography presence for a build-up, add-on or direct investment opportunity.

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