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Bredin Prat, law firm in the areas of corporate expertise / mergers and acquisitions, securities and financial law, litigation and international arbitration, tax law, competition and European law, financing and banking law, restructuring and insolvency proceedings, social law and public law. Accuracy in-depth knowledge and expertise in acquisitions, disposals, litigation, companies in difficulty, restructuring.
Deloitte is an audit, insurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, legal and tax consulting firm. CIL, independent management consulting firm. provides evidence-based advice to help these clients grow their business, manage risk and make better investment decisions.
EY supports private equity companies, holding companies and investment funds. CVA, Global Strategy Shop and Reference Consultant for Private Equity Funds (Mid-Cap and Large-Cap Funds).
Grant Thornton Audit, Consulting and Financial Advisory Group. KPMG audit, consulting and accounting firms.

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