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Arx Network is a confidential platform dedicated to the Corporate Finance Community focusing on the Small & Middle market.

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Every day, firms capture opportunities and refine their strategies with Arx Network. Europe's leading advisory firms, investment banks and corporates rely on Arx Network to drive their origination processes and capture lucrative new business.

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CBPE Capital, a leading player in the UK mid-market through investment fund transactions, Fusion Acquisition and M & A Deals. Bridgepoint, a European private equity firm specializing in the mid-market, a private equity player, a priority given to companies with strong growth potential, in particular opportunities for international expansion, operational improvements, strategic refocusing and / or complementary acquisitions (or add-ons).
Charterhouse Capital Partners, a UK investment fund specializing in LBOs on European companies in the fields of sales, industry or engineering. KPMG audit, consulting and accounting firms.
Lloyds Development Capital venture capital fund manager.
DC Advisory, a specialized mid-market business bank with recognized expertise in cross-border merger transactions.
Inflection, mid-sized, private equity firms investing in established high-growth companies. Having a mid-market team in the UK, completed portfolio support offices in other countries. UBS private banking activities, investment banking and wealth management.