We Support Your Dealflow

ARX CRM is a CRM system developed by Arx Corporate Finance.

Our professional CRM is integrated into the Arx Origination environment allowing you to better manage your business relationships with your customers and prospective clients.

Arx has developed a tailor-made CRM dedicated to Advisors

From Origination to Execution, we bring you advanced data, analytics and reporting

CRM view with tracking, financial and marketing information, statistical information

Intelligent & Intuitive CRM

  • Arx’s data, intelligence & contacts updated in real-time and integrated into your own personal CRM environment
  • Notification will be sent when relevant information concern your perimeter avoiding the obsolescence of your emails & Contacts
  • This tailor-made CRM has been designed by our Corporate Finance clients
  • In order to be used by everyone, from Partners to Juniors, this system focuses on the essential

Management of your Dealflow….

Gain visibility on your Dealflow and your internal resources

  • Clear overview of your Execution process and marketing efforts
  • Create your companies, contacts & investors within an ergonomic and optimized environment
  • Share information and upload relevant documents within a secured environment
  • Benefits from Outlook & Mobile synchronization to access your content and upload your note at any time
  • Simple Dashboard of your dealflow activity
View of the dealflow timeline of the CRM Arx

Fully integrated into the Arx Origination environment

view statics dashboard arx

Find new opportunities by leveraging on your historical transactions

  • Relevant relationships Statistics in one place - How many times you have pitched a company or a private equity firm - How many opportunities did you sent ? How many interactions you have had in the past one, three, six, twelve months
  • Gain confidence in your CRM and save time at every steps. All your interactions with clients or prospects in synthetized PDF & Excel format
  • Benefits from our intelligence and leverage on your previous interactions to receive personal opportunities and updates matching your expertise
  • Excel extract every time to keep your hands on all informations

What makes us unique?

The first platform updated live by Investors & Corporates

  • Information flowing directly from 25,000+ Portfolio Managers and Europe's largest companies, producing highly accurate and live information

  • Contact details of Portfolio Managers, Corporate M&A teams and Executive Management provided, displaying the best point of contact

  • All information coming from our community is reviewed by our internal intelligence department
view on the integration of CRM in the Arx Origination platform