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Arx Corporate Finance serves hundreds of clients across Europe of all sizes, ranging from regional and boutique firms to large, multinational banks.

Our teams have a deep understanding of the Corporate Finance industry and have developed proficient internal tools to simplify your onboarding and make your life easier.

Migration & Customisation

Whether you are already using a CRM, Excel or working exclusively with Outlook, our team will accompany you in order to organise and clean all your contacts and companies before the migration into your Arx Platform.

The migration process, in accordance to your needs, will also give you the opportunity to receive live information & notification about your contacts, update on professional details, companies, investors, advisors, etc.

Additionally, we have developed a ready-to-use platform adapted to your process and completely customisable. Our team will assist you to adapt the tool to your specific process and show you the different capabilities of Arx Platform.

One-month implementation

We have developped proficient internal tools to simplify your onboarding.

We understand you needs and we work closely with hundreds of clients, similar to you, on a daily basis

Our engagement is simple: to bring you a turnkey and ready-to-use solution, customised to your process, with a clean integration of all your contacts & companies within A single-month.

Training & technical assistance

Every client benefit from a dedicated team and a personal point of contact.

We work very closely with you before and after the launch of your CRM & Dealflow Management system.

Trainings and hotlines are included within your Arx Platform subscription.

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