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 Contact and company management

We help you to save and find your information in a simple and intuitive way. Arx Platform was built to exploit every step of your business relationships, to make the most of your data while minimising note-taking.

Overview of changing contact information in your Arx Dealflow CRM

Contacts & companies

Arx Platform allows you to organise and manage all your contacts and companies coming from Outlook, Excel or another CRM system, in a clear and visual way. 

Whether these contacts are Corporates, Private Equity firms, M&A Advisors, Banks, Debt providers, Lawyers or Strategic Buyers – we provide you an ergonomic and simple way to organise and most of all exploit this information.

We have also developed customisable fields allowing you to organise and filter your notes and relevant data very easily. 

Notifications & Alerts

Save time and stay up-to-date with your ecosystem.

Whether you are prospecting, maintaining your relationships or looking for Buyers, you will always benefit from your Dealflow Management environment from the M&A Deals information maintained by our team on a daily basis.

With a single click, add a Professional or a Corporate to your Personal environment and benefit instantaneously from all our information – ranging from HQ address to direct contact details.

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Outlook synchronisation​

Create your contacts, companies & meetings from any device and synchronise instantaneously all your details.

Microsoft Office Outlook

Of course, you keep the entire control of your information by deciding with whom you want to share it.

Emails organisation & back-up ​

You and your team will always be able to save and recover important emails within your system.

Our technology allows you to save and organise emails by project, contact and company.

Profiles access restrictions​ 2

Profiles & access restrictions​

Control and manage the access to your firm’s information internally.

We have developped multiple features such as Profile type or Teams in order to control the visibility of your information.

From fees to current mandates or acquisitions, every panels and functionnalities of Arx Platform can be restricted to a limited number of users. 

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