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 Analytics & Reporting

Arx Corporate Finance uses the finest technology to enhance your experience while ensuring the integrity and security of your information.

Relationship Monitoring​

The ultimate objective of Arx Platform, and specifically the Dealflow Management module, is to bring you a clear overview of your business relationships and to understand the global interactions of your firm with your ecosystem.

Whether your are a professional investor, a portfolio manager or a corporate finance professional, you will find tailor-made statistics synthesising your different exchanges per contacts, projects or companies.

Dashboard & reporting

We have developed ergonomic Dashboards & Reports dedicated to Investors, Corporate Finance Advisors and Consulting firms.

Whether you need a complete overview of your firm’s activity or a personal understanding of your dealflow, you will always have access to this information in a simple and synthesised manner.

Dealflow Arx CRM dashboard overview
Dashboard overview of origination channel details

Origination & sourcing channel

Your origination and sourcing practices are diverse with direct prospection, intermediaries, former clients, and your international and internal networks.

We have developed a specific tool allowing you to track and understand where your business is coming from.

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