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Arx Platform is the platform of reference for communicating strategic information to your target audience.

Every day, thousands of M&A professionals, Corporate Finance Advisors, Due Diligence players, Investors and in-house Corporate M&A request information and look for specific insights regarding investment strategies, potential exits, carve-out or add-ons interest. 

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Data is collected and filtered by our team, every day. Each piece of information is analysed, enriched and synthesised with a ready-to-use approach.

You will always receive daily, qualitative updates that are organised by region and industry on Acquisitions, Exits, Fundraising,  Add-ons, etc. 

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Exclusive M&A Deals information

Every member has the ability to enrich his or her profile with proprietary and exclusive information.

This information is diverse and inclusive of press releases, non-public consolidated revenue, non-disclosed investments, specific add-ons and Buy & Build strategies. We help them to communicate more efficiently with Advisors in order to receive more qualified local and European investment opportunities.

Arx Corporate Finance monitors and verifies every  submission that is created on the platform by our members.

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