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 Business Development from Prospection to Origination

The best source of information for the small and midcaps private equity industry across Europe.

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Clear transaction overview

Arx Platform focuses on the expertise of Private Equity firms, Venture Capital Investors & Family Offices, in addition to the deals environment.

Access synthesised, enriched and cross-checked information regarding the following:

  • Precise past and current portfolio composition
  • Detailed Investment Strategies
  • Portfolio Managers, C-levels and Advisors with direct contact details
  • Specific and detailed add-on interests on every asset

Consolidated information

The information you need is readily available, whether it is consolidated financial information, contact details for a potential build-up, or an aggregated and clean output following multiple add-ons acquisitions.

We value your time and understand the importance of reliable information. 

Our team is dedicated to gathering information from thousands of diverse sources in order to bring you clean, up-to-date, and verified information. 

consolidated information

Origination & sourcing capabilities

Arx Platform has been designed to efficiently support 3 core areas of question:

  • Which portfolio companies are going to exit soon?
  • Who is the best point of contact for a carve-out discussion?
  • Whether you are looking for a bolt-on for your portfolio, working on a primary transaction, performing a market screening for a buy-side, or prospecting for a sell-side mandate.

Arx Platform gives you the ability to preempt the market through tailored criteria, such as:

  • Maturity of the portfolio company
  • Activity and industry of the corporates
  • Key performance indicator
  • Best point of contact

Data analysis

Our team works closely with thousands of Private Equity firms, Family Offices and Corporates across Europe in order to present you with ready-to-use analyses on investment criteria and behaviour for every GP.

Gain a clear understanding of the Private Equity habits in your country, specifically within the complex small & midcap industry.

data analysis
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Easy to extract

All our information is extractable in Excel or PDF from Desktop.

You can also use our mobile app on the go for more flexibility.

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