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 M&A Deals

Financial information and thousands of Private Equity firms, Corporates & Corporate Finance Advisors, all united into one platform.

Our resources & deals intelligence at your service

A privileged way to collect and share M&A deals information

The first platform enriched by its clients and partners, powered with new information every day from Portfolio Managers, Corporates and Corporate Finance professionals.

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Profiles updated in real-time

Arx Corporate Finance has developed an exclusive platform maintained by our team, but controlled and enriched by its members. 

Every single individual on the platform possesses direct access to the platform and is able to modify their profile and firm information in real-time.

Qualitative insights for improving their dealflow

The platform allows every member to modify their information, maintained by Arx Corporate Finance.

Most importantly, we give them the opportunity to enrich the platform with proprietary and exclusive information.

This information is diverse, from non-public consolidated revenue to specific add-ons, and Buy & Build strategies. We help them to communicate more efficiently with Advisors in order to receive more qualified local or European investment opportunities.

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Continous monitoring by our team

Arx Corporate Finance is dedicated to the maintenance of our premium platform, adhering to the high standards of the Corporate Finance industry.

We manage our community and hand-pick the relevant Investors to join Arx Platform.

We update the information on the platform daily and check every single update made live on the platform by our members.

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